18 August 2008

GrEen calCulator!

Recycled Calculators?

The first question that crosses my mind is “are these calculators for real?” But after a few minutes, (..reading and checking Canon website), I realized that Canon Malaysia has done one step further by producing these Environmental Series Calculator. Besides, Canon itself has established name in producing their good quality printer, camera, copier, scanner and etc. So, these recycle calculators series are sure for real and trustable too..right? (I guess I need to buy one to prove this). For me, these calculators show the continuously effort of Canon to sustain our resources so that we don’t have to sacrifice our generations resource.

According to this article, the calculator are made from discarded machines and the wholly unit can be recycle back too, including their manual, labels and packaging. Let us see how actually these environmental series calculator can protect the environment. First, it helps to conserve our natural resources by used discarded machine. Secondly, the whole unit can be recycled, so, it will help to cut down on waste and avoid lands needed to contain such waste (our landfill no need to suffer more..). Thirdly, in some ways, Canon has created awareness among the public and educate them (especially the young) about the importance of recycle. To educate, is one of the best tools to create awareness on environment. This is done by collaborating with Buena Vista’s movie, Wall-E. (Environment related movie). So, parents out there, since this week is school break week, why don’t spend some time to watch this movie? (Especially K.Aini.hahaha).

Canon’s effort must become an example to other business manufacturers to produce environmental product. Sometimes, manufacturers are aware that environmental issues are important but if they are planning to do something that can save the environment, let it come from genuine concern. Not for profit motives or to upgrade their image alone. Nowadays, we can see many manufacturers are trying to produce green products. For an example, shopping bag, I just realized that Tesco also has produce environmentally friendly shopping bag besides Jusco, Cold Storage, Giant and Carrefour. It is a good thing but hopefully the manufacturers are producing the bags because they are really concern about the environment, not just ‘what they do, we must do also’ attitude.

After going though their website, I realize that Canon’s R & D has continuously inventing environmentally friendly products such as :
• Compact Digital Camera (PowerShot G9)
• Inkjet Multifunction Printer (MFP) MP 610
• Color MFPs iR C3880/C3380i
These products were produced with lower consumption of energy, natural resource or some of their parts are recyclable. From their continuously effort, of course they can consider themselves as ‘Champion’ in global efforts to protect the environment! So, let us support these environmentally calculator or at least let us watch Wall-E! *wink*


nurul said...

aen..best x citer ni

Aen_zz said...

x g tgk g..
tggu cik day belanjer ler...

nurul said...

huhuhu..nak eh?nnt eh set the date..korang 3 org

lauchialan said...

Is a good starting for e-waste management. Other electronic manuafacturer should also practise this kind of environmental friendly product for better e-waster management.

arutchelvi said...

Wow, such a great news. in future we can also adopt this technology for ouw daily used electrical items such as handphones, televisions, computers, radios and many more.

dr5101 said...

this is called the cradle to grave approach for the product lifetime

dr5101 said...
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